Hello….is it me you’re looking for? 
So, it’s June 2021 and I am lost in a course trying to learn all about digital marketing and how to not be so rubbish at it. SEO, digital PR, web analytics, keywords… all terms previously I had a very limited knowledge of, and I was happy that way. 
But the last 12 months have changed everything. Like many people in my industry 6 months of furlough was followed by the dreaded redundancy call and with no signs of imminent recovery the future was foggy. Then a phone call came from a friend who is VERY well respected in events and hospitality and she uttered the words ‘People worked with your previous company because of you. They love you. You should do this yourself!’ Hmmmm… 
There was a seed there. A seed of something. I have never dreamed of running my own business – I enjoy a job description, targets, having a boss, having a salary! But there was a seed. I’m pretty sure she’s right and people do like me, and I’m good at organising things and I am good at bringing clients on board. So why shouldn’t I do this for me, on my terms? 
So Beckie Giles was born (the company obvs I’ve been around as a person for a good 35+ years) and I picked to use my name in case people were hitting Google to find out where I’d gone. Not because I couldn’t think of a company name…. 
It’s been 6 months and believe me there are days I think I’m bonkers, after all we are still in a pandemic. But then there are days I am flying. And there’s been an income. And I am learning, everyday I am learning. So, if you are looking for me – here I am. Beckie Giles, entertainment and event specialist doing it for herself. 
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