Jessie J tells us to forget about the price tag but hang on, it’s all about the money isn’t it? Frequently in the events world it is budgets that restrict what a client wants to do and how extravagant and therefore memorable they can be. 
Budget for the fun bits can often be the last priority behind venue, food, décor, AV, awards etc. But bear in mind that if you are organising an event the main 2 things guests remember are: 
1. Amazing food 
2. Amazing entertainment 

How much does a good band cost? Can I afford stilt walkers? 

You'll be delighted to hear the good news that brilliant entertainment doesn’t have to break the bank. True there are function bands out there that command a fee of £5,000+ but there are also options that cost under £1,000. 
Striking roaming performers in jaw-droppingly ‘instagramable’ outfits could be yours for as little as £180 per person. Pick a unique #hashtag and every picture with that act will be all over social media and it’ll give your marketing department content to play with for the months to come…. #tbt anyone? 
Think of the last event you went to…. Given it might be a while ago in the covid free wilds of 2019…. Can you remember the colour of the chair sashes? Can you remember if the band or DJ were good? Chances are you don’t recollect the first but definitely remember the second. So, if you’re planning an event and have money in your budget for chair sashes maybe instead use it to add a live sax player to jam alongside your DJ. Or have a couple of hedgemen greet your guests with a hug? 
The beauty of working with a company such as Beckie Giles is we can work to any budget. Yes you’ll pay me some commission but it’s currently just me in my dining room so my commission structure is VERY fluid! I know which performers are flexible, who’s in your budget and who’s not. I know who’s just outside but if you trust me and dig a little deeper it’ll turn your night from a good one to a great one. Your event is my passion. Let me make it unforgettable. 
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