If you had asked me about virtual events 12 months ago I wouldn’t have had much of a clue about what you were talking about. I remember a good friend telling me about Zoom and explaining about downloading the app to my phone and laptop. #clueless 
The huge pivot that some of the tremendous event people out there have made is unbelievable. Entertainers switching or adapting their sets to virtual, event management companies creating green screen studios on and offsite, companies building entire virtual hubs to hold conferences attended by thousands of people. 
I was on furlough for a good few months so missed that initial switch over to all things web based as I was busy teaching my children, repeatedly cleaning my house and enjoying Nana naps every afternoon at 2pm. Then after the redundancy call and the dive into being my own boss I had to play catch up. 
The people of hospitality and events do know a lot but our industry is often one of ‘who you know’. This was certainly the case for me as a friend who ran mobile escape rooms bought the rights to 4 virtual games and asked me to come on board as his commission-based BDM. Thank the universe he did as this became my bread and butter over the winter and is still a good little earner even now as things start to open up. There was one month I hosted nearly 50 games ranging from a family team of 4 to a corporate event of 300 people in 35 teams! That’s nearly 2 a day! 
So mix this up with creating virtual musical bingo (started for my Mum’s birthday and then tweaked to sell quite cheaply to clients!), booking actors for murder mysteries, organising virtual award ceremonies and working as event support on a freelance basis for big virtual conferences I am now well and truly versed in virtual events and entertainment. I’ve even had an email asking if I can train someone on how to use Zoom as they’ve heard I’m an expert….. 
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